Some Day I'll make a more impressive website. That day isn't today.
VR, AR, MxR, Mobile, Wearable, Immersive, and Interactive Technology.
Created DreamLab @ DreamWorks Animation
Speaker at Events such as Siggraph, SVVR, SDC, ETC, FMX and more.
Startup Advisor & Mentor.
15 years in Visual FX
3 Years in GamesĀ 
3 Years in Rides, Theme Parks, and LBE
3 Patents Pending
10 Apps in App Stores
If you got a problem, yo, I'll solve it. :D

Now in the App Store, The Best Slot Machine for the Apple Watch with Cats!

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If your looking for the experimental gifs:
Cinemagraphs Test 1
Fiesta La Ballona 2012

Cancer Zapper