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HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta VFX VR and GameDev

HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta

by Brad Herman

Theta S support is released!

If you need support I'm @brad3d on Twitter. 

Do you need 360x180 HDR Images for Visual Effects, Video Game Development, or Virtual Reality? Welcome to the best value for the process. The Theta Camera and this App are 10% the cost of the next best solution. Images are great for Unity 5, Unreal, Nuke, Modo, Vray, Maya, IBL, PBS, PBR, Light Probe, Reflection, and more.


You can buy it right here for under $300.

You also need my app which you can get from the Apple App Store.

This is a Remote Control for a Hardware Camera you must buy here for under $300.

This app and it's results are in testing in Visual Effects studios around the world.

Full HDR Capture is done in 60 seconds.

This app is made for Professionals and Advanced Amateurs.

If you want to try out some of the results I have an asset for sale in the Unity Asset Store for $9.99 that gets you 10 HDRs ready to drop into your game or film project.

KeyShot Render with HDR360 HDR by Steve Talkowski

Tutorial video for how to use the App.

HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Theta App Demo

Easy HDR Skylight for Unity 5 and Skyshop Physically Based Rendering

Buy Easy HDR Skylight for Unity 5

Rendered from Lightwave, Lit ONLY by a single HDR from HDR 360 Bracket Pro.
Graciously created by Emmy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Chris Zapara.  (The Truck is fake)

Rendered from Modo, Lit ONLY by a single HDR from HDR 360 Bracket Pro.
Graciously created by Eric "Griffon" Soulvie from the Modo Team at The Foundry.  

HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta with Unity 5 PBR PBS Lighting and Shading

Fast Max 3: Shoot the min, max, and center exposure the camera can do.
Fast Auto 3: Shoot a -2 0 +2 bracket based on autoexposure
Standard 9: Your best option, 60 seconds to capture 13ev of data, all the camera can do. 9 images.
Quick Max 5: 2nd best option, 45 seconds, 5 images across 13ev.

WB Auto: Set the camera to Auto White Balance, not recommended for VFX.
WB Daylight: Default every time the app launches, this is as close to sensor data as you can get right now. Do your white balance after you have an HDR exr file to avoid data loss.

Do you want to edit your HDR images? The best tool out there is HDR Light Studio which supports files from this camera rig natively and very easy.