Puppet Show

Host your own Puppet Show... with the Puppet Show app!

With our latest mobile application, you can have your own puppet show at your fingertips! Whether you want to host a puppet show with your kids or if you are just a big kid yourself: you can have fun whilst telling stories, cracking jokes or just doing silly things with the puppets.

This app allows you to choose from 3 puppets; each memorable from their vibrant colors and hilarious looks - and with up three devices: you can host a full puppet show! You can make the puppets say anything that you would like them to say, just by providing their silly voice!. Tap the screen for a certain amount of time to make them say something! Dub your voice over their mouth movement - it’s never been easier to host a puppet show.

No need to buy expensive puppets because with the Puppet Show app, you already have 3 in your pocket! Our free application is fun for the whole family, everybody can have fun with the lovable characters and endless possibilities that you can happen whilst using your imagination and playing! Make up your own storyline, get everybody to download the free Puppet Show app and let them join the production! It’s the 21st century way to have a Puppet Show!

Tilt your device to get a ‘3D-style’ view of the puppet - it’s just like the real thing! The Puppet Show app is great fun for kids and you have hours of fun with them as you play with the virtual puppets! 

It’s never been a better time to have a puppet show! We have original puppets created by the Button’s & Fuzz Monster Factory, exclusive to this application - you’ve never seen puppets quite as funny as these! Puppet Show is the #1 Puppet app on the App Store, we have even been featured by Apple as a hot app and #1 Ranked Entertainment app! 

Experience the magic of puppets - now virtually! Download the Puppet Show app today! 

- Tilt your device to rotate the puppet left and right
- Tap the screen to make them open their mouths! 
- 3 lovable characters!
- Play together for even more fun!